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He may cease to persecute, despise, and mistrust the social offender, and give him a chance to live and breathe among his fellows. Above all, the modern drama, operating through the double channel of dramatist and interpreter, affecting as it does both mind and heart, is the strongest force in developing social discontent, swelling the powerful tide of unrest that sweeps onward and over the dam of ignorance, prejudice, and superstition. As a matter of fact, prostitution is no more a safeguard for the purity of the home than rigid laws are a safeguard against prostitution. As a matter of fact, the most advanced students of universal suffrage have come to realize that all existing systems very cheap essays political power are absurd, and are completely inadequate to meet the pressing issues of life.

His genius thus powerfully portrays the interrelation of the seething unrest among those slaving in the bowels of the earth, and the spiritual revolt that seeks artistic expression. Moreover, not everyone has enough time to accomplish or even develop these skills. Such acts are the violent recoil from violence, whether aggressive or repressive they are the last desperate struggle of outraged and exasperated human nature for breathing space and life.

What, so, are the objections? How can it, when it knows that all suffering, all misery, all ills, result from the evil of submission?

As to individualism, at no time in human history did it have less chance of expression, less opportunity to assert itself in a normal, healthy manner. A thorough perusal of the history of human development will disclose two elements in bitter conflict with each other elements that are only now beginning to be understood, not as foreign to each other, but as closely related and truly harmonious, if only placed in proper environment: the individual and social instincts. Not so the mass, the leaden weight of which does not let it move.

Yet, encourage is nevertheless true that granting society is day in to agree autonomous, rosiness will keep going so through liberated men, whose clear efforts make society.

Further, the youth of the country is appealed to in glaring posters to join the army and navy. Patriotism is inexorable and, like all insatiable monsters, demands all or nothing. In freedom it gives itself unreservedly, abundantly, completely. Turning from it, presently, he moves slowly back towards the window, holding his head, as if he felt that it were going to burst, and stops under the window. Its mind is not burdened with set ideas, its heart has not grown cold with class and caste distinctions.

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